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Life is about to get magical

Are you sick of waking up feeling hungover and anxious?

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut?

What if I tell you the truth now?

The truth is that when you let alcohol go, you are losing nothing.

You are welcoming back your power because:


When we let go of drinking alcohol, we add the magic back into our lives. You are not giving up anything, in fact you are simply allowing your manifestation powers to return to you again so that you can build the life that you have always dreamed of: the life where you bounce out of bed full of happiness; the life where you radiate a glow that draws people towards you; the life where you get what you want; the life that you truly deserve.

If this sounds like you, it's time to work with me.
The magic starts here.

The Sober Club Accredited Coach
The Sober Code

"I highly recommend giving up alcohol, it is truly magical. Anneka guided me to step fully into my power and helped me to take the final step in my alcohol free journey. Anneka shared so much wisdom and lots of useful tools that have supported me greatly. She also provided me with a deeper understanding of how alcohol negatively impacts the body, mind and energy. I highly recommend working with Anneka on your alcohol free journey, she is passionate and caring, and it will be life changing!"

Sarah Lawrence.

"Becoming alcohol free is a lifestyle choice I had wanted to make for some time but had never quite managed it. Coaching with Anneka has given me that extra bit of support, courage and knowledge I needed to get me through that final push to the absolute JOY that is sobriety…I am more creative in my work, relaxed and happy in life and the best bit of all is that I am present for, and enjoying every single moment with my kids. Finally I can be the mum I’ve always wanted to be. And I’m absolutely buzzing about it!"

Maya Sondhi.

"I didn’t know what to expect when I started coaching with Anneka, however my first session with her blew me away.  Her knowledge, positivity, and humour is infectious, and has been a much needed light on many days during my sobriety journey.  She has given me so many tools to work with to help, and been there for me when I needed guidance and support.  Although I’ve had 2 “blips” with alcohol, she has been a source of non-judgmental energy to see me through it, and to find the lessons the universe is trying to teach me.  If you’re reading this and thinking of trying a session, you will honestly not regret it one bit.  I plan on being a client of Anneka’s for as long as possible!"

Lucy Staddon.

"Prior to coaching with Anneka, I was an anxious mess just thinking about my first sober Christmas. However, Anneka has helped me reframe so much. Her presence, her questions and her tools have helped me have multiple breakthroughs, and I'm now sailing through my first sober Christmas- the first of many I believe! I feel confident in my decisions, I feel confident in myself and I'm so excited to take on every other life challenge and occasion as an alcohol-free human being."

Hannah Brown.

" I just wanted to share that I am 100 days alcohol free today! I never made it past 80 something days before, soo I am so so happy...genuinely felt Christmas and birthday excitement when I woke up! But what's more important that the day count is that I finally feel really settled being sober and that it's become the new norm. I went to my third sober wedding (in 3 months) with zero cravings and I'm currently enjoying my first sober holiday. I'm feeling so much more confident in who I am as a person. So very different to when we had our first call."

Client asked to remain anonymous.

"I just wanted to say thank you I have really enjoyed it & found it so helpful. It’s given me so much confidence to do ‘Dry January’ & maybe beyond!"

Diane Ambler.

"I found working with Anneka extremely enlightening"

Anne Reed.

"The focus on the positive outcomes of sobriety made me feel genuinely excited"

Kate Evason.

"Having struggled to moderate my drinking for about 12 years, I was fortunate enough to hear Anneka speak to a group I was part of...This turned out to be a life changing encounter for me. Everything Anneka said about the effects of alcohol on our minds and bodies had the authority of scientific accuracy blended with utter common sense and based on her personal journey of discovery. Now I wanted to know how, after failing again and again to either stop or at least cut down, I might perhaps being to live alcohol-free.

When I began my sessions, Anneka said to me that by the time we had finished, I would no more want to drink alcohol than I would want to lick the pavement. I didn't believe her. I loved alcohol and I remember thinking 'if only'. But that's what happened. She opened my mind to listening to my inner adult and see the truth about all of the triggers and pressures around us which make us want to consume alcohol.

She showed me a different way of looking at the short she showed me that living without alcohol is not the path of denial and defeat; it is the path of peace with myself and joy at life around me. Yes, I still get the odd urge (maybe weirdly when I see people drinking on the TV) but do I want to drink now? No. In fact, I'd rather lick the pavement to be honest! Why not begin your own sober-curious journey with Anneka? If could be a life changer."

Client asked to remain anonymous.

"I've found the group coaching really helpful and uplifting, as well as thought provoking (even after the sessions). As someone who has been sober on and off for the last 4 years, its immensely helpful to talk through some of the things that were holding me back and to help dispel those and myths and ideas, particularly in a group that is able to share and learn from one another."

Deniece Wheeler.

"Anneka is a great teacher and has a lot of wisdom"

Yvonne Halling.

"I am grateful to be a part of Anneka's group coaching as I navigate a sober lifestyle. Since joining, I have learnt new concepts, techniques and ideas to help me through my most vulnerable times. It's reassuring to connect with other friendly people sharing the same goals and I really look forward to our fortnightly group chats. Anneka's style is incredibly open, honest, enthusiastic, patient and fun! Anneka is also super responsive and offers heaps of insightful advice in between the group coaching sessions. Highly recommend to anybody seeking invaluable support in achieving and maintaining sobriety."

Charmain Collins.

"Group coaching with Anneka has truly impacted my sobriety journey in the most positive and uplifting way. The support and guidance I receive from it is totally inspiring and keeps me on the path I am meant to be on. The group coaching is such a success because it is coached through Anneka, who is not only insanely knowledgeable about the benefits of alcohol-free living, but also because of her kind demeanor, non-judgement, and warming presence. I am connecting with my higher self, and group coaching with Anneka plays a HUGE role in that."

Kerri Farina.

"Working with Anneka helped me to realise how detrimental alcohol was to my growth as a student of spirituality. Being sober can be lonely since the majority of the population encourages drinking and glamourises this packaged poison that's addictive and slowly kills. Anneka was able to help me realise how much untapped potential I can tap in to by simply giving up alcohol. I was finally able to give myself permission to truly be me and live my life authentically. Giving up alcohol helped me to step into my higher self and feel my feelings with an open heart, which is a requirement for healing. Anneka helped me realise you are only gaining by giving up alcohol and that realisation is truly priceless.

Client wished to remain anonymous.

"I am so grateful that I reached out to Anneka when I did, she has helped me understand alcohol and the negative effects it has. Anneka has given me a greater insight into manifesting a more abundant life without alcohol and also the strategies to move forward in my life.
Anneka has a kind caring & compassionate nature and was very easy to talk to. I am now going into 3 months living without alcohol and I have so much gratitude towards Anneka for helping me on my journey. Thankyou!"

Laura Davidson.