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Are you Secretly Worrying about Your Drinking?

How many times have you googled the statement ‘am I drinking too much?’ or ‘am I an alcoholic?’ Probably more than you would like to admit to. It's ok – you are not the only one.

Are you secretly worrying about your drinking?

So, you are drinking more than you are comfortable with. That’s why you found this article right? If you are reading this, alcohol is most likely stealing your joy in some way. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be worrying about it.

So, how much alcohol is too much? Where is this magical number and formula for us all to follow? How can drink in a way that is considered ‘safe’ and ‘normal’?

The issue is, that the information out there about what is a ‘safe’ and ‘normal’ amount of alcohol to drink is not only unclear but also contradictory. How often have you felt resolute about not drinking alcohol, only to see an article in the newspaper about why wine is ‘good for you’ and then thought: stuff it, give me a glass of wine? Only to to then lie in bed at 3am staring at the ceiling worrying about your drinking again.

Why It Isn’t Your Fault:

– Alcohol is an addictive drug.

Alcohol is addictive. Anyone who is drinking more than once every 2 weeks is somewhere on the spectrum of addiction. The issue is that: in many cultures, alcohol is also seen as necessary to function socially as an adult. In fact, it is the only drug that we feel we have to justify not taking.

– Not drinking alcohol AND drinking alcohol are both shrouded in shame.

Our society attaches shame to ‘not being able to control ourselves around alcohol’. We have been brainwashed to think that if you are greedy or shameful if you can’t control your intake and that there is something wrong with you. Could you imagine someone telling you that you were weak because you couldn’t control your heroine intake?

– Alcohol is the only drug that we have to justify NOT taking.

How nuts is it that we have to spend so much time and energy explaining to people that we don’t want to drink? Even more that sometimes we feel we need to gain people’s PERMISSION to not drink!

Alcohol is a drug, despite the fact that it is socially acceptable. It messes with our neurochemistry MORE than other drugs do, making us feel anxious and depressed aside from the first 20 minutes after drinking when we experience a momentary feeling of synthetic relaxation and buzz.

– There is no safe level of alcohol consumption.

Whilst you may have read literature suggesting that alcohol protects your heart:

“The researchers admit moderate drinking may protect against heart disease but found that the risk of cancer and other diseases outweighs these protections.”

As Catherine Gray so beautifully puts it: “saying you should drink red wine for the polyphenols would be like saying you should eat burgers because of the gherkins ‘n’ tomatoes.”

Whilst you might, along with many be asking: but surely a bit doesn’t matter? (Despite also, googling the you are secretly worrying about your drinking) the truth is that moderation usually isn’t possible or is very very tricky once you have wandered far enough down the path of drinking that you start to want to moderate.

But the GOOD NEWS IS….


No.1: Your body is reacting the same way any body would when subjected to an addictive drug.

No.2: Unless you need to be detoxed in a hospital because you are physically dependent (the percentage of people who need to do this is pretty low- if it wasn’t everyone in the UK would have to do it!), it is EASY to break out of this prison once you know how.

No.3: You will be surprised by how amazing your life gets when you stop drinking and will realise how much it had been holding you back.

No.4: There is a WEALTH of quit lit out there and sober communities to support you with this. You DO NOT have to hit rock bottom; you DO NOT have to become a member of AA if that isn’t your vibe (N.B if it is then do it- AA has helped millions of people and is a great organisation); you DO NOT have to suffer/ feel like you are going without/ stop having fun.

Trust me: Life becomes richer and more abundant every single day when you become Alcohol-Free.

Feel like you want support with your sober journey? Reach out to me for one to one or group coaching. I’ve been there, I’ve come through the other side more than once. I can help.

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