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"Sober and SoulFULL"

Are you ready to stop drinking and start manifesting? Are you sick of feeling stuck? Does life feel a bit grey and you are ready to up-level? In this immersive 6 week course, I give you the tools to up-level your life and to start claiming more of what you want through living an Alcohol- Free lifestyle.

If you want to live FREE from ANY desire to drink alcohol at all;

If you want to come back to that childish feeling of joy and wonderment;

If you want to start feeling the magic in your every day life;

If you are ready to up-level your spirituality to feel more connected to Source energy, your intuition, your higher self than ever;

If you are ready to step into your power, to start seeing before your eyes just how easily you can manifest when you release the blocks that have been holding you back...


What type of drinker is this course for?

Whether you identify as being a grey area drinker, or an alcoholic or just someone who is sick of drinking, this course is for you if: you want to take the leap to become Alcohol- Free but you DON'T want to feel deprived. If you have felt deprived in the past and failed then this course has the answers for you!

This course is ALSO for you if you are already Alcohol- Free but you still feel deprived or worried that you might 'give in' and have a drink. If you feel like you are still having to focus on 'one day at a time' then this course can set you FREE!

This course is super spiritual and will teach you how to up-level your manifestation powers, so don't sign up if you are not interested in learning about this!

Sign up for this course if you want to:

Release any perceived benefits you have to drinking.

Confidently step into your new Alcohol- Free identity.

Feel FREE from the Alcohol trap.

Make this your most MAGICAL year yet.

Open yourself up to a journey of healing and up-levelling to SUPERCHARGE your manifestation powers.

Course Content:

  • Manifestation hacks
  • The Universal Law of Vacuum
  • Alcohol and the brain
  • Alcohol and your energy field
  • Alcohol and the manifestation process
  • How to work with the manifestation process
  • Healing and moving through inner child wounds, the shadow self and limiting beliefs
  • How to deal with social situations and pressure
  • Stepping into the vibrations of the new you

Course Structure:

The course involves one 1 hour evening Zoom call a week.

These will be recorded and are for you to keep forever.

You will also receive meditation recordings to keep and a workbook for each module with journalling questions.

All graduates of Sober and SoulFULL are entitled to attend all future rounds of Sober and SoulFULL for free.

First LIVE workshop (also recorded for you to keep) is on Tuesday 2nd January 2024. 7:00pm UK time.


Early Bird Price (available until 10th December)


Instalment plans available on request.


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